Thanks for your support Don! I have great respect for your knowledge and commitment to our community.

“On almost every issue, over the last 4 years that I have known him, he has spent more time learning about the issues that come before council and gained more unbiased knowledge than any council member that I have witnessed. We cannot afford not to have him on council.

This community NEEDS to vote Mr. Whittell onto that council. This council has long been missing someone as dedicated to the best interests of this community like he is. He would be one of the very few that would be on that council for the right reasons and not for self serving reasons. He would SERVE our community rather than serve himself.

He doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the headache and he doesn’t need to trade his personal life for this position. What he wants to do is serve this community and try to be a positive influence on council and vote for what is best for this community. Not what is best for developer friends or his cronies, like too many currently do”

Don Tocher

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When you have firsthand experience and understanding it is easy to make tough decisions and stand up.

A paramount focus for me is protecting our agricultural land reserve to preserve our agricultural capabilities and protect our rural character. Growth and new development is needed and can be achieved without the sacrifice of our ALR lands.

Thanks Diane for your support! You have been an integral part the Fort Langley community over the last 21 years. Wendel’s is landmark business that Township of Langley can be proud of.

“Over the years working with Harold in community groups I have seen firsthand his character and work skills. Harold’s approach is honest, straight forward and he always brings researched facts as well as logic and reason to the table.
There are few people that have both the qualifications and ethics needed to make sound decisions for our community as a councillor. Harold Whittell is one of these few.
He will be an excellent addition to our council and will work hard for the people of the Langley Township.”

Diane Morrison- Wendel’s Bookstore & Café Fort Langley

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Thank you Brandon for your support! I am humbled and honoured to be considered a friend to you and the Gabriel family. I have the highest respect for the Kwantlen people.

Dear Township of Langley voters,
The Kwantlen people and the Gabriel family have been ubiquitous parts of the Langley community since its inception. We have witnessed many tragic events, and have also witnessed many great accomplishments and growth both in our community and in the community at large.

My family have also made some great friends, and have come to know great allies and leaders throughout the last two centuries in Langley. This coming election is important. Choosing community leaders who can tackle important issues in business, development, cross-cultural understandings, and the overall sustainability of our home might not be ever so important as it is right now.

Vote for Harold Whittell. A true Langley pioneer, businessperson, and an informed leader. He cares and he is humble, and he can take that caring nature and put it to good use. We need that!
If my late grandpa Grand Chief Joe Gabriel were still here, and many pioneering families in Langley remember his indomitable community spirit, he would want this generation to choose leaders wisely, and this would be my choice, and my family all agree!

Brandon Gabriel, BFA
Kwantlen Nation Artist and Community Organizer

See what people are saying about Harold

Can we grow our community without creating traffic gridlock? I know we can.

We must support controlled development without allowing development to control us. I believe that development of a community must include respectful and proper planning of residences, roads, parks, schools and infrastructure that will support the future of the community. No one wants to have the traffic nightmares that have become a daily event for Willoughby and Walnut Grove residents. The same traffic issues can be predicted for Brookswood/Fernridge if we don’t move forward with care. We need to solve the existing gridlock while planning better to solve traffic and other problems in our growing communities.…

Thank you Terry for your support!

I met Harold several years ago at a Murrayville neighbourhood meeting during which neighbours were debating a very contentious, high density residential development proposed for lands adjacent to the ALR.
Although Harold was a resident of Fort Langley, he had quickly become aware of our plight through his regular attendance and familiarisation with agenda/action items proposed for discussion at regular Council meetings.

I quickly realised that Harold was an extremely articulate, highly intelligent individual having a real passion for the issues facing unprecedented growth within the Township. Ironically, I had initially thought that Harold might have been a previous Councillor as he was so understanding, deliberate and genuinely interested in the Communities overarching problem. This person had an uncanny sense of the complexity of issues facing the Township and his finger on the pulse of activity affecting our community.
Harold is a forward thinking visionary that fulfils all the values elected officials need to uphold including integrity, accountability, respect, leadership and collaboration in the pursuit of achieving the Townships goals, values and objectives.

It is incumbent upon all Township residents to undertake their due diligence, review all candidate bios and elect candidates with the greatest overall skill set which best reflect our Communities values. The Township desperately needs people like Harold and it would be a real tragedy if we did not elect him to Council on October, 20th.

Terry M. Reagh

See what people are saying about Harold in our community!

Heritage Apple Day at Derby Reach Regional Park

Community at its best! Great to see old friends and pleased to make new ones today supporting agricultural heritage in Fort Langley at Heritage Apple Day at Derby Reach Regional Park.
#Langleyheritage #agriculturalheritage

hitting the road with election signs for the langley township election

Hitting the road with Harold’s signs!

Who needs a lawn sign? Message us at or on FB!…


Harold’s truck ready and waiting

Getting organized to start putting our signs up. I really do apologize to all Township residents – These signs are a bit much.  So many candidates – so many signs. Vote Well and at least it will have been worth it!…